Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here are some pictures of the little amount of decorations I have up right now.

This is what I gave my valentine for Valentines day. Silly.
Do you have any cheap decoration ideas?

Black Lipstick.

I've never been a fan of trends but I've been liking all the black lipstick I've seen lately.
What do you guys think? Yes or No?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I love Thursday.

"I don't want to live in the seeking of approval...
because then you are just IMPRISONED to IMPRESS..."-Kandee from this article.
She is just inspiring me in general lately with articles like this and this.

"The only commodity we have is time. Somewhere—in your mind, on a notepad, stashed in a virtual notebook—you have a list of things you'd like to be doing with your time before it all slips away. Do what you have to do to take those ideas out of storage and make them happen. You can trade and barter for a lot in life but you can never buy back time. Go live." -From this site.
Her story. Mini Pumpkin Pies, make me one. When he comes home. Dreaming and planning. Drawing more often again. The fact that he is learning Japanese with me. It makes me so excited and motivated about doing it myself. Surprise visits from him. Excitement. Finding inspiration. Although I don't have it often, motivation. Being brave. Being content with my own personal style. Twitcher. Knowing that whatever is coming we have each other. Looking forward and knowing it can only get better from here. Happily ever after. Partly shaved head. My planner. It's so cute and weird.

Happy love month.

Monday, February 14, 2011


E+K Cake.
The Pancake Mix.


My first time trying this.

Rainbow Marshmallows in hot cocoa. Perfect.

Pizza never gets old.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I tried uploading a video I made for last week but it wouldn't work so pictures will have to do.
We made a trip to Providence, RI a couple weeks ago.I love roads like this.
On the train.

I like how it came out green for some reason.

This was the next day going to New Haven.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just because I dress like this doesn't mean I'm a communist

Just because everyone says you are a certain way all your life does not mean you have to be. If you've been reminded since you were a kid how ugly you are, do what's beautiful to YOU and the rest will follow. I was never considered "pretty" or anything like that while growing up. Everyone seemed to be afraid of me, creeped out. It messes with your head. Once I was older and out of high school people started considering me as "pretty" I wasn't used to the idea. The only person I was and am trying to please with my looks is usually myself. But that mentality can stick with you forever. You are not the names they call you. You can be what you want not just what everyone makes you out to be. People are mean, rise above them.
I guess what I'm saying is you don't have to be limited or see yourself that way. Go shine :)
You can't please everyone so why not please yourself?

I will leave you with a picture of myself for good measure.
Oh and I apologize for the random title but I thought it fit. Plus I love this version of that song.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jan 2011

Life is all over the place right now. I really hope Ethan and I can figure some things out.
Me by a penguin for Robyn.

Jellyfish are my favorite.
Reminded me of a spiderweb, which is why I like it. This was inside of Mystic Pizza.
Our dinner one night haha.