Friday, June 28, 2013


 I want to do updates on how we are decorating our new place. 
So first is the bedroom. I wanted to decorated with mostly light pink.
Since it is a very calming color to me. The theme of the room is probably cotton candy.

 The closet. 
I tried being organized but I'm always looking of new organization ideas.
 Old 6 pack holders to hold my tights. You can also use them for scarfs.
 I always find it really interesting to see pictures of other peoples living spaces.
So I hope you enjoyed these.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Leafeon is the last in the Eevee series.
 Leafeon is a grass-type pokemon that evolves by a moss rock.
 It's difficult to see but my eyeliner turns into a leaf at the end.
 I drew swirls under my eyes to imitate Leafeon's tufts of fur.
 Leafeon shoots razor sharp leaves.
 Over my eyelid I used tan like Leafeon's body.
 Leafeon's can adapt anywhere but enjoy the forests most.
I had fun with this series and hope you did too.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Umbreon is number 7 in the Eevee Series.
 I used Umbreon's yellow and black markings as my eyebrows.
 Umbreon evolves with the moon shard, or in the game when the friendship levels are high at night.
 Umbreon is a dark type pokemon.
 I accented with red like Umbreon's eyes.
 Umbreon can spray poisonous sweat and it's yellow rings are said to glow.
 Umbreon stalks prey in the darkness of night.
 They are usually found on roofs or in trees looking at the moon.
 If I had to choose a favorite Eevee evolution it would be Umbreon.
I relate most to it for some reason.

Monday, June 10, 2013


 Next up in the Eevee project is Sylveon.
 Sylveon is a newly discovered pokemon.
Sylveon is a fairy type pokemon.
 This was probably the most wearable look for me so far.
 I put a bow in my hair to match Sylveon's.
 Sylveon is cream colored with blue and pink highlights.
 I used light pinks and blues and a dark blue in my crease to match the color in Sylveon's ears.
 I think Sylveon is adorable so this one was really fun to do.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 Glaceon number 5 in the Eevee series.
 Glaceon is an ice-type pokemon.
 I used lots of icey blue colors.
 I tried to capture Glaceon's ear design in my eyebrows.
 Glaceon can freeze it's quills into ice spikes and shoot them at opponents.
 Glaceon can also create a freezing dust storm.
 Eevee can evolve into Glaceon by living in snowy mountains for a while or with the ice rock.
 I lined my inner rim with white, which I don't usually do.
 I tried to make it as frozen looking as possible.
 Sparkling blue eyeliner like a glittering ice storm.
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