Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Espeon is the 4th in the Eevee project.
 Espeon is a psychic pokemon.
 I made my eyebrows split into two just like Espeon's tail, which helps it tell possible future outcomes.
 Espeon has a red gem in the center of it's forehead so I did red on the inner corners of my eyes.
 Espeon's are very loyal to their trainers.
I used lots of purples like it's fur.
 Espeon loves being in sunlight.
I tried making my eyes slant up just like Espeons.
 Espeon evolves by the sun shard or around high levels of friendship.
 Advanced Espeon's can learn a healing power called Morning Sun.
 I've always thought Espeon to appear slightly mysterious and tried to incorporate that with this look.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Made a video of our day.


 Today for the Eevee Project we have Flareon!
 Flareon is a fire-type pokemon.
 Flareon fluffs it's fur on it's collar to cool down.
 I used reds, oranges and yellows to make it look like flames.
 Flareon has been known to shoot flames to reach a max of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

 I did two wings of eyeliner to create an illusion of fire.

 Flareon looks cuddly and cute but beware the burn.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Jolteon! Number 3 of the Eevee Project.
Don't mess with Jolteon unless you want to get electrocuted or pierced with needles. 
 It's hard to see but I added little yellow spikes under my eyes.
 Jolteon always seemed full of spunk to me.
 Jolteon is sensitive and gets electrically charged when stimulated.
 Jolteon shoots electric spikes from it's fur.
 I used yellows, golds, and oranges to capture the electricity.
 I used black eyeliner to create spikes coming from my eyes just like Jolteon's spikey coat.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 Continuing with the Eevee project today we have Vaporeon.
 Vaporeon is a water pokemon and evolves by using a water stone.
 Vaporeon has fins around it's neck that I tried to include in this makeup look.

 I used light and dark blue eyeshadows and dark blue eyeliner.
 Vaporeon has some feline and fish like features.
 It was always kind of a sexy pokemon to me so I tried to show that with the makeup.
 Vaporeon can walk on water, glide in the air and manipulate water molecules.
 Some can melt into water and disappear from view.
Shine bright like a Vaporeon.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Eevee Project.

I have been watching lots of pokemon lately and got the idea of doing a project. 
I'm going to do makeup looks based on each of the Eevee evolutions. 
First up Eevee!
 I used browns, tans and golds.
 I wanted it simple but brimming with potential, just like an Eevee!
 Brown eyes would have really completed this look, but this is what I have to work with.
 Brown, tan & red headband reminded me of Eevee too.
 Hope this was enjoyable to someone else.
 Stay tuned for the rest!


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