Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moving forward.

I love mixed berry propel water.
I hate growing up.
So I'm excited for halloween. Already.
I hope it works out nicely.
I'm planning to be Harley Quinn and Scott is going to be my joker.
I am starting college next week I guess.
That should be interesting.

I hate bugs.
At youth conferance this year we went to Gomm ranch in Wyoming. How exciting. Well, while walking down to the pond insects just started poping up wherever we stepped. One then ran into my head. EW. It was the size of a small bird. It was quite disgusting.


sillytruffle18 said...

Aww cute! I love it! Oh and that michael who kept leaving me random comments was in one of my classes in high school. He always says "indubitably" which makes me laugh! said...

Your mother wants to make lunches for you to take to college, she can't stand that she doesn't have anyone to mother!

I'm really looking forward to Halloween, we've already got some chili ready for that evening!

Sam said...

hey i didn't even know you had a blog until a few days ago!