Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I love Thursday.

First of all, my hair. <3
These! If you make them for me I'm guaranteed to fall in love with you.
Cupcake Shake. Get one now.
Candy. Yes that is a ring pop.
Smokey pictures.
Fancy drinks. Yum.
Ice cream with friends. :)
My first haircut. That's right.
My second haircut. Drawing awesome tattoos on my doll heads.
Going on dates with cute boys. Being treated like a lady. Finding tiny hairs everywhere.
Visiting my cat. Nuzzling my friends and making them fall in love with me. Sparkly Christmas ornaments. Body modification. Girl talk. Unhealthy food. Dancing alone. Dreaming about the future. Puppies. Being friendly. Charming people. Movies with hot men in them.

What are you infatuated with lately?


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