Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things I love Thursday.

I have lots to love this week, as I'm sure you do too.
Protege- I'm moving up in the world. We graduated core at paul mitchell. We moved up a level for those who have no idea what that means.
Long conversations. Social interactions- I love people lately.
Embarrassing myself. Girl crushes. Cuddling to keep warm. The smell of hair dye. Feeling pretty, because people rock at doing my makeup. Having friends dress me. Dreaming of travel plans. Looking at lights. Christmas time. Pretty snow! Eating candy. Feeling baby bumps. Being warm and cold at the same time. Cute lunches my mom makes. Holiday movies. Unexpected phone calls. Savoring the days and nights. Opportunities. Being excited about the endless possibilities that are my future.
rin. <3


Mike said...

I loved this post. :)
You and Phil look great together btw. :D

katherinegomm. said...

Aw thanks Michael. You're so sweet.
This week! OKAY?