Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I love Thursday.

Jellyfish. Gimme one.

Katy Perry's California gurls music video. I don't care much for the song but I love the video.
Lady Gaga's Alejandro video I loved.

Planning trips. Possibilities. Pretty food. Getting gussied up. The human mind. Moving on. Pastel colors. Home Decor. Rollercoasters. Music videos. Strobe Lights. Sandwiches made with love. Giving Massages. Indoor picnics. Swimming. Cotton blizzards. Fat raindrops. Transparent raincoats. Memories.

Tell me what you love as of late, my dear friends.


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Jeanne Gomm said...

Lady GaGa's video was a little vulgar but I guess that's what sells. The other one was very colorful and full of candy. I'm still pretty naive I'm afraid. I don't like things in my face as much as I would prefer to imagine a scene. Creating is more difficult if you use subtlety but few people can do it well. Your blogs are all so pretty.