Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things I love Thursday.

The fact that my chain is getting shorter! First one was taken 9-17 Second one was taken 10-6.
Getting letters from Ethan! Definitely the highlight of my life right now. Good friends that actually want to be with me. The ones that encourage me. The ones that comfort me at late hours of the night. The ones that make me laugh. Veggie burgers. Halloween decorations. Taking daily outfit pictures. My new camera!
Kandee Johnson's makeup looks. Some of them look pretty fun.

What are you guys doing for Halloween? I'm going to be the Tin Man. It should be fun. Then I leave on November fourth for Chicago! Excited but recently getting stressed about packing. Wish me luck!
Tell me what you love.


Mike said...

I don't know what I'm gonna be for Halloween! :O I don't think I wanna be a munchkin. :S

katherinegomm. said...