Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Details Part II

I have yet to get all the wedding pictures back, but I thought there were a few things I could still share.
The dress. Yes, it's rainbow. I'm glad I didn't cave and go the traditional route.The invitations. I made them myself! I took the background picture of bathroom wallpaper then edited it. My mom took the picture so we didn't have to get a photographer. I'm glad we did it that way.
I'm so thankful Nicole did my makeup. I knew she would do an awesome job.
The hair color. This doesn't show that the other side was mostly green and blue but you get the idea.

We've been working on projects and trying to figure out where life is taking us next. Wish us luck!



Lucky to be the mom said...

You look so "Katherine beautiful"!!! Congratulations! You have great adventures ahead of you :)

rosieposie said...

wow your dress is AMAZING. you look so lovely x

katherinegomm. said...

Thanks so much! ^^