Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday.

It's October!
I love this month. Halloween is my favorite holiday!
My best friend Robyn is leaving on a Mission for the LDS church to Philly. My boy's family is taking us to Disneyworld this Christmas. This weekend we are babysitting my nephews and niece and house-sitting. What are everyone's plans for Halloween?
(Sakura Finished by ***Andreja***)

Someday I will make one of these lovely dolls mine.

Arkham City coming out soon. Halloween decorations. Planning projects. Bed jumping. Neatly folding candy wrappers. Nail design. When the pizza delivery person knocks. Poines. Pastel colored clothing. Fuzzy things. Fall leaves. Keeping warm. Hot drinks. Black&Orange toe nails. Suspenders. Pumpkin flavored anything. Tear stains. Deer skulls. Shooting stars. My tooth not hurting anymore! Having a body that works and an ass that won't quit.

Much more but right now I want to cuddle up and watch the office reruns.
Have a good week!

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