Monday, October 22, 2012

Pink Pumpkins.

Painting the Pumpkins Pink
Still beautiful even if it's covered in imperfections.
Scarred to perfection. Covering the natural state with paint.
Turning it into what it was meant to be.
Decorating the surface to make it more beautiful.
I change things to please me even more.
With every change brings things closer to perfect in my eyes.
What can be wrong with that?
What can be wrong with doing what I find beautiful?
What can be wrong with doing what brings me happiness and peace?
Why would I strive for someone else's idea of perfection?
Pink warpaint to face the world.
If it's all you want, who could crush that?
My dreams can come true.
It's already perfect.



Pinky Jinx said...

that is such a cute idea :D

katherinegomm. said...

Thank you! I love the idea of a pink halloween. ^^