Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Espeon is the 4th in the Eevee project.
 Espeon is a psychic pokemon.
 I made my eyebrows split into two just like Espeon's tail, which helps it tell possible future outcomes.
 Espeon has a red gem in the center of it's forehead so I did red on the inner corners of my eyes.
 Espeon's are very loyal to their trainers.
I used lots of purples like it's fur.
 Espeon loves being in sunlight.
I tried making my eyes slant up just like Espeons.
 Espeon evolves by the sun shard or around high levels of friendship.
 Advanced Espeon's can learn a healing power called Morning Sun.
 I've always thought Espeon to appear slightly mysterious and tried to incorporate that with this look.

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