Saturday, March 28, 2015


I've known I was genderqueer, well all my life, but only like 3 years ago learned that term.
Growing up I would get a bad feeling when anyone would call me a girl or lady.
I never felt quite woman or man.
And that's okay!
I'm genderqueer/non-binary and I'm so proud of that.
It always makes me happy to become closer to who I know I am.
Recently I've publicly come out with changing my pronouns to they/them/their.
If you would support me in this it would mean the world to me.
You don't need to understand, all you have to do is support someone you love in being themselves.
This goes for everyone who has a trans or non binary individual in their lives.
They are such brave people I can't even believe it.
Keep being yourself!
Even when it looks like the whole world is against you and doesn't understand you there are people rooting for you.
Keep strong, I love you!

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