Monday, February 20, 2012

What I like about me.

Something that seems to help with low self esteem is making a list of things you like about yourself. Try it!
I will share my list. 
Things I like about me:
1. I have no doubt of who I want to be.
2. I enjoy my personal style. 
3. Attention to detail.
4. Ability to see beauty in "ugly" or non-traditionally beautiful things.
5. Good visual memory- 
Sometimes this is a curse though because I remember everyone's faces that I've ever seen. It's fun when we try to remember what movie an actor was in but when you see someone in public that used to be in your English class, it's pretty pointless.
6. Extremely passionate. 
7. Appreciation for many things. 
8. Strong opinions. 
9. Find joy in simple things.
10. Craving for expression. 
11. I live for me.
12. Stands up for my idea of right.
13. Active imagination. (Although sometimes it's exhausting.)
14. Creative "eye"
15. I have depth. 
16. Realistic. 
17. I know it when I see it. 
18. Healthy body. (pretty much)
19. Pretty good skin.
20. Striving to be better for myself.
21. Ability to think for myself.

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