Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is happy?

Depression is a funny thing.
Since I'm not quite ready to talk about it freely here is a list of things that are making me happy:
My rats- I really care about those little creatures.
Even when they pee on me or nibble holes in my pillow cases.
DIY clothes- I dyed my vest (pictured above) and soon I'll work on it more!
Valentines day- How can I not like an excuse to eat candy?
Lists-Maybe they don't make me happy always but I love making them.
Apartment hunting- Having hope I might move out real soon!
Makeup experiments- seriously doing my makeup is sometimes the highlight of my day.
My friends- Even though they aren't right next to me
at least I know they wouldn't mind if they were.
Sailor Moon- One thing I can always depend on.
My little pony friendship is magic- This never fails to cheer me up.

Sweet dreams.

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