Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 I got this new makeup pallet! I've been excited about using it and trying new looks. 
So I've included a bunch.

 Also, I shaved off my eyebrows and have been having fun with that.
 My first go at drawing them on. So many possibilities :)
 Made them look more natural this day since I was visiting my parents and didn't want to scare anyone.


 Pink brows with variations of blue eye shadows.

 Darker pink brows and green eye shadow.
Messed around with dots.

What do you guys experiment with in your appearance?
Or not at all? 
Maybe you should add some color to your day too!


Pinky Jinx said...

OMG me is so jelly <3 not to mention u look great in any color-im stuck using browns and greys cuz I'm sacred of using color-BTW ur gorgeous

katherinegomm. said...

Nonsense. I bet you'd look fantastic in tons of colors!! Thanks you are a doll :)