Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I know this post is super late but I still wanted to do it. 
You can find last years here.
How did the year go?
Mostly pretty great. I loved where I lived. I got my sweet puppy BMO. I went vegan.
What went wrong?
Depression, anxiety. It would have been nice to accomplish more.
How did I spend money?
Probably on furniture and making our apartment home.
How did my work improve or stagnate?
I finally picked a career path! I would say improved!
Worked on my book.
2013 in 3 words:
Improvement. Life changing.

Where do you live now?
A different apartment in Orem. Soon to be moving though.
What happened on your birthday?
I walked around a cemetery, E gave me a pink laptop. Ate vegan Mexican food. 
Which was your favorite month?
October. For some reason fall was extra beautiful this year.
Most influential people?
Hmm there were many.
Did you read a book?
Musicians you listened to lots?
Alkaline trio, depeche mode, frank turner, die antwoord.
Favorite moment in 2013?
Did you find new friends?
Got in touch with old friends. That's kind of the same thing.
Do you regret something?
Small things probably but none of the big things.
Did your life change in 2013?
Very much. I've grown lots.
Are you happy 2013 is ending?
Oh yes.
Best film you saw in 2013?
You're next. The world's end.
What were you doing last new years eve at 11:59?
Last year? I think I went outside and looked at the sparkly snow.
What are you looking forward to in 2014?
Something good happen please. I'm looking forward to staying in a cabin for next christmas time. That would be nice.
What do you want to change in 2014?
Become more independent. Set out a life plan.
What are you not looking forward to in 2014?
Stressing about what to do next.
And now a selfie from each month in 2013


It was a year of growth and I'm excited for the changes coming. 

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