Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's that time of year again. I always have a recap post. You can find old ones here,  here and here.
How did the year go?
I think I improved and grew a lot in the emotional and mental area. I did lots of self work. My relationship improved lots. Accepted myself more.
What went wrong?
I didn't get out there. I was basically a hermit.
How did I spend money?
Mainly rent, we didn't get lots of selfish things.
How did my work improve or stagnate?
I actually started working on some goals I've always wanted to do so that's good.
2012 in 3 words:
Relaxed, Stepping stone, glitter. (oops that was four)

Where do you live now?
I now live in an apartment in Orem.
What happened on your birthday?
My parents came over and dropped off presents for me.
Ethan took me to target and got me bubbles and a milkshake.
We went to look at art then went home and blew bubbles.

Which was your favorite month?
September cause Disney.
Most influential people?
My internet friends, to be honest. They have picked me up a lot this year. 
Did you read a book?
Finished The last unicorn graphic novel.
Musicians you listened to lots?
Nicki Minaj, Depeche Mode, Kerli, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Favorite moment in 2012?
I was walking around a store alone and seeing awesome things, like halloween decorations.
Watching Arietty with E.
Did you find new friends?
Made a couple new friends.
Do you regret something?
Not accomplishing more.
Did your life change in 2012?
Of course. Living on my own has made me think about lots of things like money, moving and goals.
New job?
Are you happy 2012 is ending?
I am indifferent.
Best film you saw in 2012?
What were you doing last new years eve at 11:59?
I was petting this cute fully pomeranian.
What are you looking forward to in 2013?
Moving. Maybe taking a class.
What do you want to change in 2013?
Less money worries. 
What are you not looking forward to in 2013?
Planning for the future. 
Now a picture of my face from each month yay!

Look how cute and little Mini is!!










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