Monday, January 12, 2015


I feel like I just did one of these. I know I've neglected this blog a little this year but still wanted to do this.
You can find last years here.
How did the year go?
It was by far the worst of my life. So many trials and pain.
I can't believe I made it out alive. 
I've stared death in the face so many times in my life that I know I am strong. 
No one can ever call me weak after this.
What went wrong?
I had to move back home. My best friend and dog moved to another state. 
My mental health has gone down the toilet.
How did I spend money?
Food. My biggest purchase was a pair of boots I've always wanted, as a present for myself for how much things were sucking. 
 How did my work improve or stagnate?
I had a job for a while but I didn't make much progress on my actual goals. So stagnate.
Tried to publish my book but kept running into obstacles.
2014 in 3 words:
Rock bottom shittiness.

Where do you live now?
Back with my parents unfortunately.
What happened on your birthday?
Bridger took me on a picnic. 
I went for a walk. Got my rat Ghastly the day before it. 
My mom made me vegan doughnuts.
Which was your favorite month?
January because that's before everything crumbled.
Most influential people?
Many influenced me negatively. haha.
My positive influences were probably all fictional.
I cried a lot to Ethan and Bridger so definitely them.
Did you read a book?
Musicians you listened to lots?
Die Antwoord. Bad pop music.
 Favorite moment in 2013?
Puppy sitting for my friends.
Getting tattooed and eating burritos after.
Watching American Psycho.
Watching a documentary by myself by candle light.
Did you find new friends?
I lost most of them because of the divorce.
I might have made a new one, I'm not sure yet.
I made friends at work, although we are no longer in touch.
Do you regret something?
Hahahahahaha so many things!
Did your life change in 2014?
Too much. Huge changes.
Are you happy 2014 is ending?
It can only get better...right?
Best film you saw in 2014?
What were you doing last new years eve at 11:59?
Crying alone.
What are you looking forward to in 2015?
I'm looking forward to making progress with my goals and my mental health.
Trying to love myself. Traveling.
What do you want to change in 2015?
Not being miserable all the time.
What are you not looking forward to in 2015?
Money worries.  Making things happen.

And as always selfies from each month.

It's going to take a long time to recover from this year. I feel completely beaten down. 
I hope I can start recovering right away.
Here's to better things!

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