Friday, April 6, 2012

A Day In Photos.

 I thought I would try something new. 
A photo each hour of daily life things.
This was 4-4-12.
 I might have to make this a two parter because I went somewhere and left my camera at home.

 11:00am- Took the rats out for a little bit.

 12:00pm- Thought about making tea, then didn't.

 1:00pm- Sipping my water from my Halloween cup.

1:15 Fixing my hair.

 1:30pm-Got dressed for the day.
 2:00pm-Doing crafty things.

 4:00pm-Got on the computer and did some blogging.
 5:00pm- Ethan came home and made me food!
I need to get better at this and maybe try again. 
I think I did okay for a first time.
Hope you enjoyed the peek into my daily life!

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