Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Recap.

 The biggest event this month was moving. 
Our car also died...again. So we are in the process of buying a new one.

(Incomplete) Grateful list: 
Ramen, Cherry blossoms, Internet, Ponies, 80's cartoons, Nicki Minaj, being called rainbow brite, Ethan, Rats, All 3 rats in one picture, walks, food, a home!, furniture, hot water (!!), impulsive adventures, evolving, living in the now, not caring, inspiration, being exactly who I want, being a creator, breaking rules, saying I wished something would happen and it happening!, accomplishing things, doing the dishes, clean house, makeup, pens, twitter, making videos, being clean, scissors, alone time :)
 This site about how not to give a fuck. It's so true, you can be so much happier if don't care or worry about what everyone thinks. 
Memory Mindfulness by Halcyon. I usually love things he posts.
Jessica Mullen's gratitude posts are really making me happy lately.

Sweet dreams.

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