Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sailor Moon.

 My Sailor Moon collection from when I was a kid.

 This one actually has never been opened! I probably will open it sometime though.
 A card game that I don't think I ever actually knew how to play.
 Can you tell which Sailor scout was my favorite?
 Derpy Sailor Moon.
 I took really good care of my toys as a child but still played with them tons.


 This is a necklace with changable charms.
 Transforming pens.
 I'm kind of sad pluto isn't in this one because she is one of my favorites.
 I don't even own a VCR but I'm still proud of this collection.
 A coin purse I had made :)
And the other side.

Do you guys have any collections? 
Or toys from your childhood that you will never part with?

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