Friday, July 6, 2012


You know what's cool about art? I don't have to talk.
Most communication isn't verbal so it's strange that some
people are bothered that I don't talk a lot.
I'm either quiet or passionately chattering.
That or overly excited singing or making obnoxious noises while
bouncing off the walls. There is no middle ground.
I wouldn't say I'm shy, even though I've said I am for years or maybe
everyone else was telling me that.
I get social anxiety and I don't enjoy meaningless
conversation. But no this doesn't make me shy.
I'm now accepting the fact that I'm an introvert
instead of hating myself for this.
People along the way have tried to make me feel like there is something
wrong with me because I'm inwardly reflective.
Don't let people make you feel this way.
The way you are isn't a problem, it's just you. You have something to offer.

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