Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Outfit 6.21.12

 This is my 'it's too hot to put effort into my outfit' outfit. 
I'm trying to do an outfit a month and since I wore this in June it counts.
 Purpley makeup with black skinny brows.
 Skeleton ring.
 Leopard green bow clip that I've had for years.

 Unicorn necklace my best friend gave me.


I've always liked the gunstar on the back of this shirt.
Shirt: Probably Anti-flags website or something? I can't remember it was 5 years I'm old.
Skirt: I remember I got it when I was 12 so um no clue but it's pink!
Shoes: Angryyoungandpoor
Hair Accessory: A dollar store I think.
Necklace: F21
Ring: From trick-or-treating haha!
And that is how you put an outfit together with no money. 
Wow. I'm out.

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