Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ice Cream.

I recently came across an outlook on life that I really love. It's called "Crap or Cone" It's from a Hug Nation video that can be found here.
The idea is that in every moment we are all holding an ice cream cone in one hand, but at the same time have dog poop on our shoe. So what would you do?
Be excited about your yummy ice cream?
Or be mad about the doo doo?(via:shelikescute)
It's been reminding me to focus on my ice cream. All the ice cream of my life. All the positivity, love and good that we often times forget because we are looking at the bottom of our shoe.
When you start thinking about all the crap just look in your hand. If we keep focusing on our cone we will see that it can outweigh the crap. In conclusion,
Have a sprinkle covered day!

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