Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rainbow Dash.

This is my first ever outfit post! Exciting right?
I don't know how often I will do these but I'll try to every once in a while because they are fun!
Thank you to Ethan for taking the pictures, you rock. The title is inspired by the new My Little Pony series I've been watching lately. Naturally, Rainbow Dash is my favorite. I'm also quite fond of Pinkie Pie as well, mostly because we both like to party. Now on with the pictures.

2-27-11 Outfit Details:
Dress- burlington coat factory
Belt- hand me down
Tights- target I think?
Necklace- forever21
Jacket- gifted
Faux Leather Jacket- burlington coat factory
I think my bow is from the dollar store hehe.

Happy March!


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Jeanne Gomm said...

You are a cutie. I also like the photos you sent on the phone. You are a colorful person.