Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I love Thursday.

Ethan & I have been watching Flapjack lately. It's actually really funny. We enjoy it. They go on adventures and search for candy each day. That's pretty much our life already, so you can imagine why we like it.
This game Robot Unicorn Attack and mainly the song used in it.
Yummy food! Food makes me happier than it probably should.OPI Shatter nail polish. Awesome right? I'd love to try it.
Memories. I have some pretty good ones. This picture is from one of the best nights of my life, last summer. It was such a great summer. I'll try and top it this year.
Being excited for going to Utah. Trying to make our wedding "us" the best we can.
We have really big plans for our futures. Just you wait! We are excited.
And of course me! My body, imagination and abilities. The unedited version of the picture above is here. I have lots to love and look forward to lately, and even more plans and goals.
Go live. :)

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