Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Thoughts.

I think it should feel like a party.
We have a few themes for our wedding that are in the works. I've never been conventional, traditional, ordinary or boring so don't expect me to dull down my wedding for you. It's to celebrate Ethan & I, not to please everyone else. I've been called weird all my life, now isn't the time to start caring. That being said, I do hope everyone has fun and enjoys themselves there.
Here are some lovely weddings I've been liking lately.
This Candy Land Themed Wedding.
This beautiful colorful wedding.
Colorful vegan wedding.
Tattoo themed wedding.

Here is what we will be wearing.
Nah, not really. They do look pretty snazzy though.(via:marthastewart)
Glitter+Skulls=My favorite thing ever.
Our colors are pastel rainbow and of course black.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Keep Japan in your prayers and donate if you are able.
Bye friends!

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