Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photo An Hour 5.29.12

 9:00am- Got up pretty early (for me) and wrote and blogged.
 10:00am- My view from the bathroom.
 11:00am- Saying hi to my newest ponies and took a little nap.
 12:00pm-Cut out some stickers for my makeup look of the day.
 1:00pm-Got dressed.
 A paper from me trying to explain makeup.
 2:00pm- Kisses.

 Their tails almost made a heart! <3
 3:00pm- Finally started this!
 Drawing. This was inspired by a Sailor Moon villian.
 4:00pm- Tried cleaning this little guy.
 5:00pm- Ethan came home and played some video games.
 6:00pm-Made a late lunch.
7:00pm- Got ready to dye my hair.
I didn't end up dying it because Ethan's brother came over.
So the rest of the night we hung out with him and watched some shows.
Happy Pride weekend. 

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