Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When I was little I would wish so hard to be a shapeshifter. Every shooting star I'd see, every candle I'd blow out, every eyelash I'd blow off my finger or dandelion being released into the wind, I always had one thing on my mind. Mystique was my idol and Ditto one on my favorite Pokemon. What do they have in common? Yep, shapeshifters. 
Now that I'm older I don't wish with all my might for that anymore. Because I realize it came true!
I can be anything I want. One day I can look completely different than the last if that's what I choose. 
The reason I look the way I do is because that is what I set my mind to shift into. I am who I am because that's who I want to be! Why would I want to be anyone else?

Yes I'm happy with who I am and happy in my skin but if I really wanted to change, act a certain way or completely change my look with makeup and clothing, I have the power to do so. 
I am who I want to be but that might change from day to day, since we are all constantly changing.
But hey little me your wish came true!
Keep shifting closer to what to want to become.

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