Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I love Thursday. 6.14.12

 Going out to dinner. Or staying in...I just love dinner.
 Pretty sights on the side of the road.
Nephews and nieces. I hardly see them anymore. Sometimes I see this little guy though.

Kate's comic found here.

Little incomplete list:
New concepts and outlooks on life. Being an alien. Being inspired. Following dreams and bliss. Trusting myself, my intuition and the universe. Magic. Realizing I'm all powerful. Twitter. Pokemon. Jem. Sailor moon. Painting while watching silly dramas. Writing tons. Doing favors.Grateful lists. Makeup. Expression. Inspiring others. Noodles. Watching a new series with E. Finding shapes in clouds. Laughing so hard I cry at a stupid seagull.


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