Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As a small child I didn't know there was a difference between girls and boys. One day when I was playing with my best friend he showed me how to pee outside. Of course I had to try. Something was off though, my penis didn't want to pee the same way that his did. I was confused.
A church leader told me a silly story about him being a little girl, falling into a hole, turning inside out and he was a boy ever since.
This stuck with me, I adopted it. I never felt a girl as a child so I said I used to be a boy. At this age I didn't know about things such as sex change or gender identity.
I was against all things girly. I even didn't like the color pink until I stepped back and thought when I was about nine "Do I not like that color because I don't like it? Or because it's been taught to me that it's "girly"?" Of course it was the latter.
I only shopped in the boys department. I didn't want to be a boy, I think I just didn't realize there were more ways than just one to be a girl.
Yay for learning there are more options!


Robin Cook said...

Thanks for sharing this! It helps a lot to understand

Robin Cook said...

This church leaders should have known his Bible - may be an expression of uninformed, ignorant and complacent fundamentalism