Saturday, December 8, 2012

Your words have consequences.

People think they can say whatever they want, it's just words who cares right?
Lots of people care. And it's affected so many of our lives. Words hurt.
Have you ever told a child what they are like? "Oh she's just shy."
That child wasn't shy but now you changed their entire life by one sentence.
Watch what you say.
It can really effect children but they aren't the only ones that can suffer from words.
Can you imagine feeling your whole existence being belittled by a simple phrase someone around you says?
If you can't you probably are doing that to people on a daily basis without knowing.
You aren't a bad person just because you have said some problematic things in the past,
because most of us have one time or another.
It's something that has to be learned.
How could I know that a simple word may make someone feel awful? It was just one word right? Wrong.
It's not just one word, it's internalized feelings and ideas that we are projecting even if we have no idea.
We need to learn what words are appropriate to use.
I am still learning this everyday.
The constant language around me is often problematic and sometimes very hard to unlearn.
Please don't make an entire gender identity summed up as weak. Please don't make anyone that isn't white feel like all they are seen as is a stereotype. Please don't make rape sound funny. Don't make people feel like second class citizens.
Another thing we have to remember is that if a phrase or word really bothers us. It's important to make this known.
I have lots of trouble with this. It's difficult to stand up for things especially when you are in a completely vulnerable place. I've been there many times. Sometimes I wonder if I don't say anything am I no better than the ones saying awful things? Maybe it's not my job. I don't expect by writing this I will have made any kind of difference, but I do hope I made someone think. Think before you speak and know that words have consequences. Research correct terms to use. Your words hurt. Please think about that.

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Robin Cook said...

I am fully supporting you! And I am grateful that you with your gender identity strengthen also me. It is wonderful to have this wide variety. Enjoying it. I am happy for finding this page and a wonderful person.