Saturday, December 1, 2012


I felt like I should write about sex. A sensitive topic for many. I was raised in a very conservative place and sex wasn't very openly talked about. I think it's very important to be able to be open about it. Make your intentions known. You can't just expect someone to know what makes you uncomfortable unless you tell them. If you aren't hearing an enthusiastic yes about a certain sexual activity assume it's a no.
Do not be embarrassed to discuss this with sexual partners or potential ones. If you have someone in your life that you are comfortable asking sexual questions do not be afraid. Sometimes it's good to just have a discussion. It can make growing up less scary. If anyone reading this would like someone safe to talk to I will always try to help.

xoxo & safe sex.

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Robin Cook said...

I appreciate your openness to listen to queer stories - and your wonderful way o responding. A real space for openness in an otherwise mostly paralyzing and judgmental environment. Your presence and your mixed experience here is a gift.